Microhoo – Wall Street Poll & They Meet

A couple of interesting items about the proposed deal by Microsoft to acquire Yahoo! came out over the last couple of days.

Analysts Give the Thumbs Up to the deal

Reuters provided details on a poll they ran against the Wall Street analysts who cover Microsoft and Yahoo! Some breakout of the numbers given:

  • 28 of the 30 respondents say the deal will be done
  • 1 of the nay, holds out hopes for AOL
  • 1 of the nay, thinks it will be blocked by regulators
  • 14 expect MSFT to close the deal at the initial offer
  • 4 expect MSFT to convert the deal to all cash
  • 12 expect MSFT to raise the price between 413.50 & $35 per share

The full story was in the iht on Sunday.

Exec Meet & Greet

WSJ and others have reported that on Monday, Senior Execs from Microsoft and Yahoo! met so that Microsoft could outline what the vision for what a post-merger entity would look like. The agenda for the meeting was similar to those that Yahoo! held with AOL and News Corp. What’s interesting is that this is the first time the companies have spent some face time together since the unsolicited bid was announced.

Is Yahoo! being tactical by playing nice before Ballmer gets hostile ahead of the Yahoo! board meeting or is Jerry Yang realising that in the face of a hardening economy, he should probably shake hands on this one before it’s too late.


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