Vertical Zoom – Early (morning) Thoughts from ICMA

Some of AdViking’s first thoughts from the ICMA General Meeting in Brussels.

The Publishers as a whole get that Print is in decline, Online is growing and they need to ramp up their online strategies. Though, AdViking is sure they would love to have the growth in Print that India enjoys!

Only a few, seem to understand that a good Monetisation strategy is fundamental to their success and now’s the time to do it. A lot less questions than the B2B folks about why don’t I just partner with Google and that’s my online strategy.

It’s a mixed bag on those Publishers who also get that Search is critical. Which is strange if you think that for Classifieds, how can they be anything but Search (even if they have put together a taxonomy driven approach – that’s still Search).

The future is about vertical, niche sites that share an underlying common platform (e.g.: Search).

In general, everyone is a bit brow beaten by the success of Schibsted and are looking for someone else to proof out what the Norwegians are saying.

It’s not a huge jump anymore for the Publishers to think about joining forces with non-competitive Publishers in their markets to band together for some sort of network play.

Phrase capture: Monetisation is fundamental. Mapping is Key. Some believe they are in the position to mimic Directories and become SEMs to their advertisers. MOBILE is key – especially for untethered countries (e.g.: India) – though no-one gave truly compelling reasons to accept the channel.

Tag capture: Synergies for assets. Utilise high performing. Explore under performing.

All in all, a much more upbeat and dynamic event compared to the B2B one. Go get them Classifieds.


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