Microsoft Launches New Advertising Brand

Microsoft has launched a new brand today – Microsoft Advertising – this combines MDAS (MS Digital Advertising Services), APS (Advertiser & Publishers Solutions – which included most of the aQuantive assets) and adCenter (the MS competitor to AdWords) under one global brand. The new logo and branding is pretty cool (well at least it is better than the old fragmented brand) and is getting its first real public test as part the Microsoft Advance conference that is also happening this week.

This launch is particularly interesting to note in conjunction with some specifics that are emerging with the MSFT global $300 million brand makeover … There is also a big push into mobile ads as well that was announced yesterday.

[Note: a couple of us who write for this blog work for Microsoft.]


One Response to Microsoft Launches New Advertising Brand

  1. simonbaptist says:

    Interesting that Microsoft is making these moves to give consolidation to the pieces of the puzzle and therefore hopefully catapult them to an advertising brand alongside Google.

    One thing though, in

    the main thing that’s hitting MSFT on the AdCenter side isn’t the functionality, it’s simply the volume. They need to sort that more than branding to really start to engage on the PPC/Search side.

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