Is Microsoft Becoming More Aware of Publisher Conflict?

AdViking has noted that Microsoft has recently announced the closing down of Live Expo, it’s Classifieds play and believes this is a good sign.

Live Expo Closing Down Message

AdViking knows of nothing from it’s insider position but would like to suggest that the Live Expo deadpooling could be some proof that the aQuantive folks are shifting the dial towards Microsoft being more open to Publisher’s complaints around conflict within the channel.

That is, obviously aQuantive was heavily Publisher-centric and so from over the years of hearing about battles with MSN, Hotmail, etc. AdViking would like to suggest that this issue is getting airplay inside of Microsoft.

Reason for thinking this is that a Classifieds site is going to compete against the Publishers own offerings and they have enough of a battle with Cragislist, Oodle, eBay, etc..and so by dumping Live Expo, Microsoft is giving Publishers another reason to sit down at the table to  talk about the Advertising stack and the value it can bring to the Publisher eco-system.


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