Software Company Drops AdWords – replaces with charity program

      We love this story up here at the AdViking stronghold. Jama Software – makers of a web-based project management app called Contour – are ditching Google AdWords in favour a viral PR led marketing strategy or “social public relations strategy.” ReadWriteWeb have lots of details and good info about this on their post (RWW). There is also more info on the Jama charity program here and the Jama marketing directors blog here.

The question is will this work? We hope so. The fact that Jama were not getting good ROI on AdWords is significant. We wonder if there are other advertisers in a similar position? It would also seem that this means that other online ad channels would be of value – especially if it were easier to place the ad buys (banners, vertical networks, 2nd tier PPC networks, etc). We know there is still a lot of friction in the digitial ad ecosystem and know Google is not the only channel. More on this meme at a later date.

For now we say spread the word and give Jama Contour a try!


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