Google Snubs Canada & Bin the Yellow Pages Book

Following on from Canada Day celebrations, AdViking came across the news this morning that Google snubbed their Great White North neighbours and didn’t have a specific logo to note that it was Canada Day. AdViking might suggest that this is a bit of hubris and could be just the thing for the Publishers to rally the Canadians around to stop using Google.

Google Snubs Canada

As part of the celebrations, AdViking noted that the throwaway comment about Yellow Pages books being recently distributed in the A Fuller View post about Local Internet Driving Tons of Traffic.  And can ?happily? report that plenty of the books are lying around unopened just waiting to put in the bin (recycling hopefully).


Thanks to D, the post-script on this one is that below is the 4th July 2008 holiday image Google went with…more bowfingers to the Canucks from the mighty Google?

July 4th Logo at Google


5 Responses to Google Snubs Canada & Bin the Yellow Pages Book

  1. Shawn says:

    I think we deserve an apology…if your gonna have a .ca name you shouldnt forget our nations birthday

  2. simonbaptist says:

    @Shawn – thanks for the comment.

    I am looking for what image Google used for 4th July to post it…if anyone has it, please feel free to put it up.

  3. dylanfuller says:

    Here are all the July 4th logos:

  4. Abhinash says:

    This is really bad

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