Has Yahoo! BOSS Moved the Search Goal Posts?

In a really interesting move, Yahoo! has announced that BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service) is much more open than ever before.

The impact of this is that everyone can now access the Crawling and Indexing power of a major engine, meaning that the ability to bootstrap an extensive search experience is possible.

AdViking likes the fact that BOSS is very web2.0 in it’s proper definition.

AdViking believes that the opening of BOSS proves that Search needs to be an infrastructure/platform/service that is widely distributed to enable all the different potential applications that people cook up.

AdViking looks forward to seeing what the impact of this bold move will be and how Live Search and Google will respond.


3 Responses to Has Yahoo! BOSS Moved the Search Goal Posts?

  1. […] is that  Facebook will be getting the API to then build layers on top, kind of like a bespoke BOSS for one the high traffic […]

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