Are Google in the Mafia Protection Racket?


During lunch at the regular spot and while musing over some things, including the Google launch of Lively, AdViking started up on the old favourite of why is it that American Publishers aren’t able to see that doing a deal with Google wasn’t good for their business, yet Publishers in Europe get this loud and clear.

It reminded AdViking of recent horror stories told in hushed overtones by Publishers about the impact of getting on the wrong side of Google.  That is when they have broken away from an AdSense deal with Google, they soon find themselves re-ranked downwards in the Index and this obviously impacting their traffic.

This fear is probably why the 2nd Search Box hasn’t got much airplay and when you think about it, this is nothing more than a protection racket.  Give us your inventory (and oh, statistical data) and we’ll give you a good ranking.  You don’t play ball and you’re out.  And oh, if we see from that traffic that there’s an opportunity we’re going to launch (e.g.: Health, Lively..etc.) but don’t worry about that, because honestly believe us when we say Don’t Be Evil.

Seems like AdViking might need to become AdDetective and spend some time getting to the bottom of this or perhaps it’s time for the US Government to have a good look at the practices of Google to determine the whole Evil question once and for all.


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