Oodle & MySpace Launch Social Classifieds

MySpace Classifieds

Powered by Oodle

On the back of the Walmart deal, Oodle have announced they will be powering the Classifieds on MySpace.

AdViking thinks this will be a pretty interesting partnership to watch, in particular to see if a classifieds experience sticks well to the MySpace demographics and on the back of that extrapolate to the meta-theme of social media and classifieds.

MySpace did have something in place before but outsourcing this monetisation opportunity to and up and coming and hungry pure-play classifieds like Oodle looks like a smart move.

Free Online Classifieds - MySpace Classifieds_1217282931173


9 Responses to Oodle & MySpace Launch Social Classifieds

  1. dylanfuller says:

    This looks like a really smart move. I’ve got to think the way to revivie and improve classifieds is via mashing it up with socail media. I wonder what Craig’s List will make of this?

  2. simonbaptist says:

    @dylanfuller – I have to agree and as you know, I’m a strong believer in it not just being Classifieds that will change with the impact of Social…

    What I think that is particularly interesting here is that this is not yet another web2.0 service I need to signup to and work on my network, this is taking an existing, successful network and adding value to it’s users on top. Saying that, I’m not sure that MySpace is the right demographics for this, but heck there’s tickets to gigs, etc. that I’m sure will do a brisk trade.

    On Craigslist – I have to believe as they are the anti-corp this won’t even register on their radar.

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  5. Project Guru says:

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  6. Auctions says:

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  7. Ernie Bland says:

    Excellent move by myspace. Integrating social networking and classfieds is a good idea. Specially now that online classifieds is outpacing print classifieds.

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  8. Ghazi Hasan says:

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  9. Ahmed Umair says:

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