Universal Groan Greets Chrome…

Google Chrome Suggested Logo

Google Chrome Suggested Logo

Time for a rant, really… it’s not as if Google could resist launching it’s own browser, in fact it’s been barely a secret for months… however we guess we’re not the only ones to give out a huge sigh of disappointment.

What is Chrome going to bring us that Firefox couldn’t, Safari could’ve and Explorer should’ve… ? Very little we expect…

Not content with it’s toolbar taking over the browser population, Google feels it must flex its muscles further and we have little doubt that it will quickly overtake Safari (one month), Firefox (one year) and perhaps eventually Explorer (5 years??) – but what for?

We suggest it will be a trojan horse (but not of the virus-carrying variety) to market and distribute all Google’s ‘Cloud’ services in it’s own managed environment…

I can hear the sound web designers and developers everywhere weeping into their Vanilla Lattes as they cope with yet another browser to deal with. I am sure Google will say that it’s compliant and the most accurate etc. etc. however the reality is that it will add further idiosyncracies and complexity to the design process.

Thankyouverymuch… but we’ll stick with Firefox, thanks.


One Response to Universal Groan Greets Chrome…

  1. simonbaptist says:

    Good review and comparison against beta IE8 by Walter Mossburg @ All Things Digital

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