Send and be damned

Communications is one description of what marketing agencies are supposed to excel at. Getting the right message to the right people at the right time. Selection of medium and then targeting your audience, reducing wastage…  you know this stuff, right?

We passionately believe that communications have the powers to transform our clients businesses.

"We passionately believe that communications have the powers to transform our clients' businesses."

Better check and see if your HR department knows it, or gets it. Adviking feels nothing but pity for all concerned here, as it’s a horrible mistake to have rubbed in your faces, but boy oh boy must those folks down at Carat be feeling squrimy.

Turns our their HR sent out a message to ALL EMPLOYEES (instead of the senior managers only) advising them how to communicate the forthcoming round of redundancies to their staff and to their customers. Oops.

Yet more evidence that email should be a targeted medium. Adviking wonders if this was merely a post-modernist approach to internal communications, but is scratching his head trying to work our what the hidden message might be.


3 Responses to Send and be damned

  1. dylanfuller says:

    Maybe mass emails should always go through a ‘contextual’ content checker as well to help avoid such nasty things from happening? Life and death by email.

  2. mickyj says:

    You’re right, DF, maybe if we don’t read about it, it hasn’t happened. Something about trees falling in the forest with no-one around…

  3. […] In these days of pervasive internet, it’s increasingly easy for more and more people to email anywhere. Like on the train on the way home from the pub. Or in the office, a little worse for wear (check out this story on AdViking). […]

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