Does Your Browser Know Where You Are?

Building on the excitement created by the location services available through the iPhone.  Mozilla Labs announced release of the Geode plugin for Firefox.  It’s an extension that will be fully baked in 3.1 and talks to the same Skyhook service that iPhone and iTouch uses to help locate you and communicate to other services about your location.

This is interesting as generally to date the conversation about LBS has been around mobile but this is a natural extension into the browser and starts to overcome the difficulty with targeting location on IP.

Here’s what Mozilla Labs says about the importance of this:

The potential here is for more than just resturant lookups. For example, imagine an RSS reader that knows the difference between home and work and automatically changes it’s behavior appropriately. Or a news site whose local section is, in fact, actually local. Or Web site authentication that only allows you to login from certain physical locations, like your house.

AdViking says this is all fine and dandy and may provide an incremental data stream to enhance ad targeting but thinks the real value is only going to be mined and opened up by services that communicate openly with their users.


3 Responses to Does Your Browser Know Where You Are?

  1. mjw says:

    terrific – and deeply interesting – post, AdViking. LBS= one key to Web 3.0 value add.

  2. simonbaptist says:

    @mjw -What are the main keys you see to unlocking Web 3.0 value?

  3. […] the browser knowing where you are, Greg Sterling points to a CNET article about location being available in […]

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