Aaargh, Chris Brogan’s Call to Arms

Probably a mini-post that should be on Twitter but I loved Chris Brogan’s post about The Beauty of Pirate Ships I had to write something here as well.

Basiclly, it’s saying take your lead from the pirates and don’t care about the details but about the booty…focus in on the big things (the treasure) and stay focused on that.  That is who cares what the boat looks like, if you’ve got a boat that can sail and take pirates and guns then go for it.

AdViking thinks of this three ways:

Individually – Now’s not a time to back down, it’s a time to get focused, agressive and remember our viking (early pirates) roots

Start-ups – Find your niche, don’t boil the ocean and if you can stay the course, you should be in a good postiion

Big co’s – Don’t under-invest in your digital strategy.  Invest more but in the right areas.  Google only really has Search advertising.  Cut them off at the knees and find a new approach to Search.  Move your Display business away from DoubleClick now.  Get going with your Mobile and Social Media strategies…

Or to put it another way, as David Ogilvy said:

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.


3 Responses to Aaargh, Chris Brogan’s Call to Arms

  1. chrisbrogan says:

    Figures that a viking would dig it. : )

    Thanks for your recapping. Great to see.

  2. doc d says:

    a total money post! go pirate style and lets all follow the viking manifesto which will lead us to a sunny shores without a banking crisis…

  3. simonbaptist says:

    @chrisbrogan: Thanks for the comment and reading. I’m thinking that it could be time to hack together a (Digital) Pirate Code (

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