Comment Ranking Is Outta Whack

Yes, the time stamp is correct.  I am in GMT and not some other Time Zone.  While working to finish a deck on Twitter, Social Media and Real Time Search…

I went looking for the recent John Battelle post on this and found a comment I made on Google and Live Search was in the Top 10.  Might not be that strange to some, but was to me.

Live Search


 Google Search

Especially, when the post I commented on is nowhere to be found in the results and it does correlate.


2 Responses to Comment Ranking Is Outta Whack

  1. Roy59 says:

    You folks contributing here are very sharp. ,

  2. No_limits33 says:

    The hate discussed there is not only irrational, but will make the most tolerant non-whites begin to hate whites on a whole. ,

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