Privacy Moves by Google & Yahoo!

11 August, 2008

The recent moves by Google and Yahoo! to allow one-click opt out to cookie tracking are significant to the online ad industry. There is a much longer and more thought out post on this topic but to keep it short and sweet (just like a homemade cookie) the gist is that this¬†is a sumply a proactive move in light of recent US gov scrutiny. Google’s policy and opt-out is HERE… Also here is the official Yahoo release and Google’s blog post on the subject

Opt-out is much better for the advertiser than an opt-in in the online ad space. Not to worry, Google and other ad technology providers are benefitting massively from cookie tracking that 3rd party networks run even if users opt-out directly from the big players. I am starting to think that the new battle ground for online advertising is over 3rd party traffic –¬†making this a proxy war… Hmmm time for a snack to ponder that one further.


In Search of the Perfect Online Marketer

20 June, 2008

Every Online Marketer Needs HelpAt AdViking central, debate is encouraged. The knee-jerk response to the previous post and article in Precision Marketing from these quarters is: “I.T. aren’t they just there to take orders for sandwiches and make sure that things don’t go wrong?”

And, yet, we’ve all been in those meetings, where the Marketing Manager, or worse still, the M.D. has a bright idea. A fantastic idea that would make the business rule the world… if it were possible. Which it isn’t. And then a little cough from the corner, the I.T. Director suggests very gently that Marketing has lost its’ marbles and Marketing suggests that I.T. needs a shave… and then it all gets ugly again!

The problem is this: that although most Marketers know what they want to communicate, know what looks good and are pretty strong at getting a marketing strategy in place – and are definitely the best people to lead the process… but they don’t know the limitations of what is (or isn’t) possible and that’s where they fall down.

To solve this problem we need to work out what we need out of the Perfect Online Marketer:

  • Good at Marketing (obviously)
  • Experientially knowledgeable of the limitations of hardware and software
  • Instinctively aware of the importance of user experience
  • Plugged into all the metrics and analytics required to tell them whether they’re doing a good job

In short: they need to know what technology can do for them.

So, for us, the perfect online marketer would be Commercial but a bit of a Nerd! And, if you can’t get that type of person, then I guess make sure I.T. is stationed as a sanity check for the more ludicrous ideas.

My favourite was from a Corporate P.R. who was upset about a pressure group who was bad-mouthing a clients’ products:

“Can we just virus their site?”

Oh, yes. Why didn’t we think of that… get I.T. onto it right away!!