Platform-A Jumps on the Ad Exchange Train

23 September, 2008

Thanks to paidContent we have been alerted here on AdViking mountain that  AOL is jumping into the ad exchange space with a major offensive. As I read this, I think it creates more opportunity all over paid search that for now is being ingnored for now (or given over to Google without mush of a real a fight) while everyone (MSFT, YHOO and AOL) are betting the farm on display.

The continued industry push toward exchanges all appear to play into Google’s hands nicely thus pitting bradning display CPM models vs. direct resposne CPC models. I like the idea of exchanges in principle but I can’t see any of them getting enough liquidity in the short term and I don’t see the long tail advertisers playing there much. I think you need that long tail to help buil out the market. Google AdWords is already the defacto exchange.

Right so how do we bring back the fun in the search advertising war? Well, only Microsoft with an alliance of uber publishers can make it interesting (my view is Yahoo! is done and AOL is already a Google shell). More on this drift in a future post. Please keep reading AdViking and send in your comments via blog posts, post cards or even bottles. 🙂


Yahoo! Expands RightMedia Offering

5 August, 2008

This is a smart and timely new offering from Yahoo! – introducing contextual display targeting on the RightMedia exchange.