Happy Easter

20 March, 2008

In Europe, the weeks surrounding Easter are a bit of a social contract time out.

Meaning, this is going to be last post for a little while.

Have a good one.


What is AdViking about

8 February, 2008

AdViking is about the digital advertising industry, though may bleed into other slices of life as well.

At this point, the contributors are Simon Baptist and Dylan Fuller.

Simon works for FAST – soon to be Microsoft. Specifically, he’s been Product Manager for their search and contextual advertising platform called AdMomentum. Check out his LinkedIn profile for more.

Dylan works for Microsoft as Head of Product, EMEA for the Advertiser and Publisher Solutions. Dylan is also the writer of A Fuller View.

This means, we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about digital advertising, including PPC, paid search, search marketing, display advertising, local search, mobile, etc, etc. and so this blog is to be an outlet for these thoughts.