Apple iPhone Apps Launches Ad Networks

11 July, 2008

Apple iPhone Hype Creates New Ad Networks

While reading up on the iPhone 3G and App Store launch, AdViking came across the PR post on RRW about Medialets and then a Silicon Alley piece on Apple iPhone Apps With Ads: A Risky Bet that listed a couple of other networks AppLoop, Pinch Media and PurpleTalk.

AdViking can only see blood on the floor here.

Media buying is in opportunity overload and so with yet more channels being opened to a relatively small audience, AdViking doesn’t really see how any of these companies have a long term future.

The only real chance for success is for one of these companies to get in the commanding position by securing the top app developers and therefore audience quickly, otherwise it will be too late as the established networks come into their turf.

And as AdViking doesn’t believe the browser vs. application differentiator being put forward, as Venture Beat says:  Mobile ad company Admob is about to mint money.